BMI Calculator 300 x 260 - Rectangle

With this widget you can let your visitors calculate their BMI. Then they get a product offer depending on which result they get. The application is available in different languages and on different markets. Please have a look at T&C for more details.

With this widget you let your visitor calculate their BMI. Then they got a product offer depending on which BMI they got. To customize your widget you need to choose region and language. By choosing region you give the application information about which products to present. The following regions (and advertisers connected) are available today: uk (United Kingdom) - Sport Thieme se (Sweden) - Sporttema, Yves Rocher de (German) - Please note that you need to be approved for the advertisers above for the region you are choosing. The calculator is available in the following languages : en - English de - German (Deutsch) sv - Swedish (Svenska) (If you are interested in getting the widget in some other language, please contact us) To customize your widget please get the region and language code and replace the following line in your integration code: {'key':'value'} with {'language':'en','region':'de'} (This gets you the language English and products from German advertisers)
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Application T & C
Format: 300 x 260 - Rectangle
Widget width: 300
Widget height: 260
Developer: Dream Builders AB
Version: 1.0
Application type: Widget
Video URL:
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10.0 %
For this share we will provide you with the application. We will also manage the optimizing of the products presented by: keep products with good conversion rate, try new products and remove products with low conversion rate.