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Shopzilla, Inc. is the network of the most complete on-line purchase in France. Shopzilla helps the consumers to find the best prices for every type of product, sold by thousands of On-line traders. Shopzilla is present in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in France and in Germany. Shopzilla generates 7,1 millions of unique visitors per month and 35 million impressions.

Shopzilla, Inc. manages a premier portfolio of online shopping brands in the US and Europe, consisting of Bizrate, Beso, Shopzilla, TaDa, PrixMoinsCher, and SparDeinGeld. Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 100 million products from tens of thousands of retailers with its unique portfolio of engaging and informative websites. Reaching a global audience of over 40 million shoppers each month through both its destination websites and affiliate network, Shopzilla is a leading source of sales and consumer feedback for online merchants and retail advertisers. With offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and London, the company operates sites and business services in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Shopzilla, Inc. is owned by Symphony Technology Group (STG).
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