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This widget provides the ability to capture and remarket to the abandoneners

By Integrating the VePlatform with your Zanox Tag Management Solution, you will have instant access to its suite of Display Advertising, remarketing and re-engagement apps designed to: - Reduce your website’s bounce rate - Recover lost sales with email, display retargeting and SMS messaging - Increase conversion with real time onsite engagement - Reach new and existing prospects with digital display advertising Our applications work best when combined ensuring you don’t pay more than once for a conversion generated, however we provide the option of using just one or more if you wish. The VePlatform features the following apps: VeContact: Recover lost shopping carts VeContact increases your sales by delivering real-time emails to customers who abandon at the check-out, enticing them back to complete their purchase with highly targeted and personalised content. Includes promo code integration and compatible across all devices. VeChat: Increase website conversion VeChat re-engages your customers at the point they abandon your website and prevents lost sales caused by price comparison shopping, site usability or distraction during the purchase process. The VeChat automated agent delivers real-time re-marketing messages. VeChat can also deliver promotional codes to specific segments based on purchasing behaviour. VeAssist: Search optimization VeAssist is an onsite product matching tool that directly tackles bounce caused by the disconnect that can exist between search and the products displayed on landing pages. Activated when a customer hits the back button to bounce, VeAssist interrogates your inventory and uses ‘exact’ and ‘nearest’ match logic to present the customer with enhanced product results, based on their original search engine query. Compatible with all search engines. VeGenie: Dynamic display retargeting VeGenie delivers highly targeted dynamic retargeting advertising to customers who abandon your site, ensuring you remain front of mind throughout their purchase cycle. With an average campaign ROI of 10:1, VeGenie increases your sales and only targets users who haven’t bought from you; upselling complementary products to previous purchasers. VeAdds: Dynamic Display Advertising VeAds combines dynamic, contextual and intent data into your display adverising campaigns to deliver high-impact realtime advertising across any connected device. VeAds uses real-time bidding (RTB), ad exchanges and Ve's unique data insights to deliver highly relevant dynamic ads, which target new audiences based on their online purchasing behaviour.
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