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The Xelsion Matrix product integrates the largest global media buying platform, AppNexus, with dynamic creative and remarketing technology, for Zanox advertisers who have implemented the Zanox MasterTag.

The Matrix product enables Xelsion to personalise ads in real-time according to user behaviour using the AppNexus media buying platform in conjunction with dynamic creative technologies. This powerful suite of tools is used intelligently and responsibly to increase new user conversion rates, repeat custom, up-selling and cross-selling, basket size, and purchase completion using personalised, relevant advertising placed against appropriate context. With the Xelsion Matrix app in place, Xelsion is also able to perform look-a-like modelling against an advertiser's existing customers to find matching potential customers throughout the online ecosystem. There is no additional cost to the advertiser to access Xelsion Matrix; just additional leads, sales and revenue. Please contact for more detail on Xelsion or your Zanox Account Manager to discuss the implementation of the Xelsion Matrix app or the Zanox MasterTag on your site.
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