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Storm for Affiliates is an award-winning analysis and optimisation platform for affiliates. It is an extended version of the Storm application that automatically integrates affiliate network sales data into the reporting and optimisation tools as if the merchant sales occurred within the affiliate’s website. This unique solution enables affiliates to optimise their marketing based on an accurate and up to date understanding of which marketing channels are generating sales rather than just driving visits and interest. ~~~ Costs are about: PPC Adspend 3% + Page View Charge

With clear insights into which channels and keywords contribute at all stages in the user’s journey to sale, affiliates can automate reporting and PPC optimisation, allowing more time for building their business. Storm for Affiliates was recognised as a winning solution for affiliates, when it won the award for Best 3rd Party Application at the A4U Awards in 2010. ~~~ Key features: / Integrates with over 40 affiliate networks for automatic import of merchant sales data. / / Flexible and powerful PPC optimisation framework that enables the automation of / optimum bidding strategies that follow merchant’s rules and guidelines. / Tracks all visits from all traffic sources in the journey from first visit through to conversion on the merchant’s website / / Tracks and optimises direct-to-merchant PPC campaigns / / Links earnings back to costs / / Imports product feeds to pause and reactivate PPC ads based on stock availability, and to incorporate price information into ad copy / ~~~ Key benefits: / Saves time by not having to pull sales data from each affiliate network. / / Takes the guesswork out of assigning sales back to clicks. / / Analyses profit at keyword level and optimises campaigns based on real performance. / / Highlights the complete story behind every sale, not just the last click. / / Enables a real-time performance ranking of networks and merchants based on real profitability. / ~~~ Costs are about: Adspend 3% + Page View Charge
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