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GenerAds converts your product catalog into product specific Google Adwords campaigns. For each product, GenerAds generates a complete Adgroup, including Ads and Keywords. GenerAds works on Firefox (recommended), Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer 7 or later.

GenerAds is more than a web application. It is a complete solution for creating, managing and optimising Adwords campaigns based entirely on a catalog. It's a new way of thinking about the Search Marketing through a 100% product concept. GenerAds transforms the biggest search engine, Google, in a giant price comparison! GenerAds is the only web application capable of creating sponsored links' campaigns from any catalog. Each product's Ads and Keywords The application will analyse data of all your products according to your wish while respecting Adwords' rules and it will generate various ads and keywords for each product. An ad per product or A group of product announcement GenerAds will create an ad group for each product. Each group has various ads and keywords. Each ad contains your catalog choosed elements You can automatically create multiple ads for each product with, for example, the product name, price and the site page's direct link.The ads may also include all or part of the description of product, promotional text, the stock, the product brand, category or anything else in your catalog or something you choose to add. General Keywords based on your catalog GenerAds compiles all its information with many filters and commercial terms so as to generate various keywords correlated perfectly with your product.The application also takes into account the different target options offered by the search engines. The long tail used to extreme Besides generating ads and keywords for your products, GenerAds retrieves and analyses queries that have generated traffic through your Adwords campaigns. These requests are then offered and you can add them to your keyword lists or use them as negative keywords. Your updated compaigns GenerAds will retrieve your product catalog as often as you want to maintain your campaigns up-to-date. It then compares the data retrieved to those present in its database and automatically updates your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. 100.000 products in less than an hour GenerAds automatically performs all the long and tedious task without your intervention. You just have to concentrate on managing your auctions and optimize your campaigns. In order to have a brief idea of the power of GenerAds, note that it is capable of processing a catalog of 100,000 products in less than an hour! How long you will have taken? An Uttermost Pertinence You are surely well placed to know that Adwords, Yahoo et their rivals are devoting more and more importance to the pertinence and quality of the sponsor links. The click cost varies enormously with respect to the ads' keywords matching or mismatching. A Better Quality Score (Adwords Quality score) A good Quality Score is now as important as a big commercials budget. This is clearly what makes the difference between a profitable campaign sponsored links and one that is not. GenerAds was completely designed around this idea. Reduced Cost As the campaigns generated by GenerAds are entirely based on the products features, they have an unestimated pertinence. Your Quality Score is being improved and the costs per-clicks are being reduced. Better Targeted Visitors Apart from the fact that AdWords recommends its advertisers to include their product's price in their ads, communicating this information type can have 2 positive influences on your campaign. First, you're able to avoid unnecessary clicks from people who might have found a similar product cheaper elsewhere, or who believe that it is not in their means. You thus save by avoiding unneccesary clicks. A tenfold conversion rate Secondly, displaying the price of a product gives the user confidence and improves the Click through rate (CTR) of your ads and the conversion rate on your site. In short, you spend better and wiser.
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