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eXelate is the engine that powers 30 billion real-time, privacy-compliant data transactions for nearly hundreds of marketers every month. We make the process of accessing online audiences simple, safe, and scalable by arming data buyers and data owners with proprietary technology that automates data connections and centralizes audience management. Through our DataLinX data management platform, we enable transparent, secure, private data connections for publishers, data owners and marketers. The eXelate data Marketplace delivers demographic, behavioral and purchase intent data on over 500M UV each month to over 70 directly integrated buyers platforms (DSPs, SSPs, Adexchanges, Adservers, Adnetworks, Videonetworks, …) who seek to create a more relevant, and privacy friendly, advertising experience.

Exelate offers you a unique opportunity to monetize your anonymised inbound traffic on your site more than ever and create a new revenue stream. By integrating Exelate on your website, you connect your visitors with data buyers who wish to deliver more targeted ads when your visitors leave you. And, as a merchant site collecting non-PII data you can increase your ROI by delivering additional registration parameters to the eXchange. We will collect the data you want from your site, navigation based interest segments (sport, finance, travel), purchase intent (packaged holidays, computers, auto, …) or socio-demographic registration information from you users.
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