AdMedia Generator for Advertisers - Free Format -

Starting with a flash generator, this is the growing collection of admedia tools from the zanox banner team. Generate standardized admedia with just one click and immediately test their functionality!

- Get this application from the store and log in to use it. After login, you can bookmark the generator for simple repeated use. - Put the flash file (swf) in the first line and press [TAB]. The Generator will try to guess the correct dimensions from the flash file. If this does not work, you can also set the dimensions manually. - Set a fallback image if desired - you can use the "auto" modes here, if the fallback images have the same name and adress as the flash banners, except for the suffix. - In almost all cases, you should leave the "Method" as "zxClicktagGuesser". If you have a special parameter name for the flash getURL() method, please enter it into the custom field. - Enter a landing page and press "check code". For the next step, you can also enter a prefix (like "Christmas Special") in the field "Bannername". - If the flash banner and fallback image are correctly displayed, just enter the generated code into the zanox User Interface ("Manage AdMedia") - together with the values from the second text field. The field names correspond to the field names in the UI.
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Format: - Free Format -
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Developer: zanox Team AdMediaWatch
Version: 0.3b
Application type: Software as a Service
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Programming language: PHP5
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18.02.10 by Linas Rakauskas:
04.02.10 by Emanuele Inforzato:
this app rocks
08.12.09 by Aline Genaro:
Well done, very useful!
08.12.09 by Dominik Hamann:
very nice app!