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Sell events from 'Jochen Schweizer' with the new javengo.Direct-Checkout on your Publisher website - direct and with a total new shopping experience. Keep visitors on your website and offer them a checkout process direct on your site - and the order is placed on the systems of Jochen Schweizer. Please see more description on our website :

For many publishers in affiliate networks the classical presentation of admedia elements, such as banners in many different formats, is not the way to achive high commission. The simple relaying with productlinks is more and more replaced by high quality content presentation and extra services. Top-Publishers deliver perfect fitting products to their content. The best admedia next to their best fitting content is what generates above-average disposition to buy. Mutual trust is a great advantage when recommending a product or service. The conventional relaying to an online shop with a link is a discontinuance in customer direction. A different website brand is often the reason for customers to cancel the shopping process. And this, of course, is a very disappointing situation for the publisher as well as merchant. At this point javengo likes to offer a new service that is able to transfer the merchant checkout deep into affiliate networks.
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Format: - Free Format -
Widget width: 190
Widget height: 55
Developer: javengo. GmbH
Version: 1.0
Application type: Software as a Service
Programming language: JavaScript, Java, HTML, Demandware, Intershop
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