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App for google android mobile phones. Scan the barcode of a real product with the camera of the phone and check if it is available in the zanox affiliate network. Then you can buy it online or even twitter it. Can be used for price comparison. Works best with books and office supplies. This app uses "Barcode Scanner" and "Twidroid" which you can download for free in the market.

How to get the app: 1. First your android phone needs a network connection 2. Open the Android Market app 3. Search for "andora" 4. Download and install How to get started: 1. Scan a barcode or type in a keyword 2. Search product 3. Click on a list item 4. Go to the shop and buy the product or recommend it on your twitter account Hints: You can change the Connect ID and the API version under Menu (Button) -> Settings. Your very own Connect ID is in the order e-mail in the integration code at the bottom. It is the long and kryptic ID at the beginning of the code.
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Format: - Free Format -
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Developer: Krispin Schulz
Version: 1.0
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Programming language: Java
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