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advanced STORE GmbH established in 2008 became the first VIP Publisher in German language area. A prove for the company’s reliability and quality standards. advanced STORE’s ad4mat® program is one of the fastest growing zanox partner programs thanks to innovative ad media technologies such as ad4mat® WUSIWUG and ad4picture.

New ad4mat® retargeting is characterized by high efficiency. It catches potential customers of an advertiser, which interrupted order flow as well as potential re-buyers. ad4mat® retargeting offers premium reach on pure CPO/ CPL basis and convinces by above-average ROI (Return on Investment). Click rates and conversion rates are significantly higher than with other online marketing activities. And so it works: As soon as a user gathers information about offers or products on an advertiser’s website he will be marked by ad4mat® with "cookies". It is considered which product offers the user clicked or if he only visited the home or a category page. So ad4mat® is able to address the user in the internet well-directed with its high quality ad media and also to bring “cancellers” back to the order flow. Related content will be displayed dynamically in the innovative ad4mat® ad which consider the advertiser's corporate identity (CI) as well as the advertiser's specific ad media requirements. ad4mat® retargeting reaches out to user individually on premium ad spaces within the ad4mat® network avoiding waste coverage. ad4mat® retargeting enables a control of user specific advertising offers in order to succeed in an optimum result. Important to mention: advanced STORE strictly considers data protection/safety: ad4mat® system specific possesses precautions which prevent any person related processing of information. Any conclusions to person related data is excluded for advanced STORE as well as for advertiser or any third party. Way of addressing in the ad4mat® banners can determined individually by the advertiser or together with the ad4mat® team.
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