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Nano Interactive GmbH - Individual Retargeting Nano Interactive is your agency for performance-based online marketing. In our international premium network, we reach your target audiences in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and Poland. With our high specific reach we are reaching more than 50% of the population. Our ad serving technology allows us to address each user individually to always display the best advertising message. Thus we reach the highest level of performance and generate hundreds of leads and sales for our partners every day.

Retargeting is the most sophisticated and effective way to communicate with your prospects and customers online. With nano_target, our retargeting technology, we are finding your visitors and clients in our media network and provide them with the most relevant advertising messages. By using nano_target you are significantly increasing the conversion rates of your online media buy which drives incremental sales and revenues for your business. - Individual banner optimisation - Realtime Personalisation - Based on your Zanox product feed - Easy to implement Please make sure that you implement the widget only on http:// sites!
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