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SEO Text Create - Free Format -
by humangrid GmbH SEO Text Create by humangrid - the German crowdsourcing platform Content is King. Search engine optimized text for your website. Our authors create and correct content that makes your site more attractive to search engines.
Freespee Dynamic Phone Numbers - Free Format -
by Freespee AB Freespee dynamic phone numbers is an easy-to-implement client side script which automatically replaces selected phone numbers with trackable dynamic phone numbers on the advertiser's web site.
Storm for Affiliates - Free Format -
by DC-Storm Storm for Affiliates is an award-winning analysis and optimisation platform for affiliates. It is an extended version of the Storm application that automatically integrates affiliate network sales data into the reporting and optimisation tools as if the merchant sales occurred within the affiliate’s website. This unique solution enables affiliates to optimise their marketing based on an accurate and up to date understanding of which marketing channels are generating sales rather than just driving visits and interest. ~~~ Costs are about: PPC Adspend 3% + Page View Charge - Free Format -
by AG and greatcontent – unique text experience for publishers
Mutliple Advertiser Picker - Free Format -
by Pepe Ciardelli Allows a publisher to apply for several advertising programs at once.