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Adgenie V2 - Free Format -
by adGENIE adGENIE Retargeting and adGENIE Pre-targeting. Both systems deliver precisely targeted adverts to prospective customers based on a range of behavioural, contextual and demographic data, delivering excellent ROI for clients in verticals such as Travel, Retail and Mobile. adGENIE’s dynamic retargeting product identifies and ‘retargets’ LOST customers. adGENIE’s innovative technology allows previous visitors to a client’s website to be retargeted in real time. Retargeting works by placing tracking code supplied by adGENIE on the client’s website.
AdPilot personalized retargeting - Free Format -
by RTB House S.A. This is an application for advertisers that provides AdPilot RTB personalized remarketing service.
Kupona ES - Free Format -
by KUPONA Media Performance for your brand. Let us maximize your marketing efforts!
Nextperformance ES - Free Format -
by NextPerformance Next Performance is the European leader in Audience (Re)Targeting. Its smart technology and its broad reach allows advertisers to send the right message to users at the right time, in dynamic banner or standard banner.
by Ads4performance LTD Profiling Pixel for Retargeting campaigns
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